The Milk Maid

This is a picture of a chick in a bathtub full of milk with only her boobies showing. You care for the obvious oedipal reasons that stem from you being breast fed too long or not at all. I care because, as much as it’s interesting to see a couple of tits floating in a pool of milk, it’s even more interesting how some explicitly non-sexual byproduct of an overly sexualized organ (boobs) is being using to tease the mind into imagining what lurks beneath those murky waters — even if you’d have to wipe her down before being able to do anything with her.

Source: Ridiculously Beautiful

Geek Crush: Melissa Allen

Meet Melissa Allen. According to her Twitter bio, she’s a “Writer. Web Marketer. French Speaker. Beer drinker. Fine diner. Gourmet Cooker. Book Reader. Art Lover. Theatre/Ballet/Opera Goer. World Traveler.”


You care because black girls who pole dance and drink beer but go to the ballet and opera are pretty much everything you need to rebel against your overbearing mother who held you too much and never thinks that any girl is good enough for you despite your complete lack of accomplishment and self-esteem.

I care because girls who pole dance and describe themselves as “fine diners” and “gourmet cookers” can add something to the idea of “dinner and dancing” that’s a lot more in-line with this blog’s slogan.

Find Melissa’s Blog here.