derby dolls

Quick and Deadly from the Church of Sk8in

November 29, 2010

Meet Quick and Deadly, #18 with the Church of Sk8in of the Emerald City Roller Girls of Eugene, Oregon. You care because girls who wear a grin with their black-eye can dish it out just as well as they can take it, and the only thing that’ll make you look more manly than slapping around […]

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Death Race Darby from the Reign Valley Vixens

November 15, 2010

Meet Death Race Darby, #13 of the Reign Valley Vixens of, well, Reign Valley. You care because you think that girls who are that well put together and play roller derby are just looking for a way to rebel and show off how tough they can be, which makes you think that (1) you’ll actually […]

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Lily the Kid from the Hustlin’ Rollers

October 25, 2010

Meet Lily the Kid, #138 on the Hustlin’ Rollers from Memphis. You care because she kinda looks like Adam Lambert, except she has a vagina, which makes it okay for you to openly lust after her and easier for you to rationalize those thoughts you’ve been having early in the morning when you’re halfway between […]

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Lola Blow from The Chicago Outfit

October 18, 2010

Meet Lola Blow, #138 from The Chicago Outfit roller derby team. You care because she has a bit of the crust punk look which makes you think that if you offer her a place to crash for the night, she’d not only be willing to go home with you, but since she picks her nose, […]

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Stiv Skator from Tough Cookies

October 11, 2010

Meet Stiv Skator. She plays for the Tough Cookies of the LA Derby Dolls roller derby league. You care because she’s a girl with letters tattooed across her fingers which makes you feel like it’s okay to have prison fantasies because now when you’re fantasizing about being dominated in the shower, you can at least […]

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