Geek Crush: MJ Corey

by Kristy on August 5, 2011

Meet M.J. Corey, a New York based writer. She has a Tumblog called The Average American Female, but she’s anything but because she’s cute, whitty, talented — and she likes girls. But seriously, she’s had all these chapters from her manuscript published in some major magazines and has been getting booked for a lot of public readings lately.

M.J. Corey

You care because cute girls who wear fedoras make you feel a bit better about those confusing feelings you had about Joey McIntyre back when NKOTB was all the rage. I care because because she’s a cute, whitty, talented writer who likes girls and the interwebs — and who reached to me, which makes me think that I might already have a prospect for the next time in The Big Apple — or, as I like to call it, The Big Peach 😉

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