Stiv Skator from Tough Cookies

by Kristy on October 11, 2010

Meet Stiv Skator. She plays for the Tough Cookies of the LA Derby Dolls roller derby league.

Source: LA Derby Dolls

You care because she’s a girl with letters tattooed across her fingers which makes you feel like it’s okay to have prison fantasies because now when you’re fantasizing about being dominated in the shower, you can at least picture that it’s a girls owning your ass, and not feel like such a dirty little bitch when you’re done enjoying yourself.

I care because those pouty lips and long eye lashes say that’s she’ll feign sensitivity to get what she wants, and that’s kind of hot because girls like that don’t need to cuddle or talk about their feelings and how “confused” they are about what’s happening between them and another girl.

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