Quick and Deadly from the Church of Sk8in

by Kristy on November 29, 2010

Meet Quick and Deadly, #18 with the Church of Sk8in of the Emerald City Roller Girls of Eugene, Oregon.

Source: EmeraldCityRollerGirls.net

You care because girls who wear a grin with their black-eye can dish it out just as well as they can take it, and the only thing that’ll make you look more manly than slapping around someone who’s smaller than you is to take a beating from them without so much as cowering in the fetal position to protect your pretty little face.

I care because girls with short blond hair, freckles, a nose ring, and a black-eye make me think of blood-thirsty battle-nymphs, and there’s nothing quite as intriguing being seduced by a mythical creature that might devour you in a fit of rage if you don’t get them off and keep them placated.

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