Lola Blow from The Chicago Outfit

by Kristy on October 18, 2010

Meet Lola Blow, #138 from The Chicago Outfit roller derby team.

Source: The Chicago Outfit

You care because she has a bit of the crust punk look which makes you think that if you offer her a place to crash for the night, she’d not only be willing to go home with you, but since she picks her nose, you won’t have to wait until only after she’s shown you her gratitude for having a warm place to sleep for the night before letting one lose.

I care because septum piercings are ironic-hot in a “it looks like you can just lead me around like a submissive work beast but what I really do is buck, throw you down, and mount you like Peter Griffin in last night’s episode of The Family guy” kind of way.

And you thought goring was the only kind of bull penetration out there…

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