Scarlett Johansson Nip Slip

This is a picture of Scarlett Johansson showing a bit of nipple.

Source: Biologically Beautiful

You care because you figure if someone that beautiful and famous is still willing to show a bit of nipple for some extra attention, then she must have some self-validation issues meaning that if you ever did run into her at a party you crashed or in a Vegas elevator, and her bodyguards didn’t immediately stomp you, you might actually have a chance of talking your way between those pouty lips by vascillating between being a complete dick (but the funny kind) and nice guy who only really ever acts out (as a dick) because he’s some kind of tortured genius who just needs a hug.

I care because it’s a picture of Scarlett Johansson’s nipples, and she seems to be looking right at me, and form what I’ve heard, she can be rather experimental, and that makes me thing that maybe, just maybe, this photo here is an experiment to see if she can attract any lesbians who are sufficiently charming and witty to lure her onto the other side of the fence, if only for one night. But alas…

Via Biologically Beautiful.

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