Roughing the Pigskin

by Kristy on April 20, 2011

This is a picture of the fitness model and former NFL cheerleader Jamie Eason holding a football in one hand and tugging at her short shorts with the other.


You care because hot chicks with bulging triceps makes you think that G*d is going to punish you for hating women by sending some hot, blond Amazon to dominate you in the way that you wish you could have girl nextdoor who never really paid you any attention growing up, except when she needed something — like help with shoveling her car out of the snow or cleaning up after the house party that she threw while her parents were out of town but didn’t invite you to.

I care because any girl who’s put that much time into both her biceps and her appearance is really going out of her way to attract female attention but is still enough of a Barbie doll that she’ll play hard to get in a way where it’ll take two bottles of red before I can get those shorts off so that she can pretend that she was just being experimental and I won’t have to worry about calling her in the morning.

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