Sex, Pics, and Daydreams

Why talk about sex when you can blog about it? Welcome to the gutter of my mind, and what happens to hot, unsuspecting girls when they have too much to drink and accidentally fall into it — or at least what would happen to them if I ever met them and got them alone.

This is a picture of a girl looking lost and hurt and alone in her room surrounded pics of the men she’s slept and the condoms they used with her. You care because you figure that a girl like that has the kind of daddy issues that makes her easy pickings and you’d have a pretty good chance of making it onto the wall of fame yourself. I care because I figure that a girl like that is easy picking because she has attachment and abandonment issues on top of her daddy issues, and it’ll be really easy to talk her into trying something new since she’s not getting what she needs out of what she’s been doing.


This is a pic of a one girl feigning like she’s giving another girl a rim job that kind of reminds me of what would happen if Terry Richardson went slumming with a stock photographer.

You care because that one girls is looking right into the camera which helps you pretend that you’re actually in the room and they’re waiting for you to get in there. I care because seeing the blonde’s thick-rimmed glasses pressed into the couch helps me pretend that I’m actually in the room giving another girl a rim job.


This is a picture of a chick in a bathtub full of milk with only her boobies showing. You care for the obvious oedipal reasons that stem from you being breast fed too long or not at all. I care because, as much as it’s interesting to see a couple of tits floating in a pool of milk, it’s even more interesting how some explicitly non-sexual byproduct of an overly sexualized organ (boobs) is being using to tease the mind into imagining what lurks beneath those murky waters — even if you’d have to wipe her down before being able to do anything with her.

Source: Ridiculously Beautiful

This is a picture of a girl on all fours peering back at the camera through her own legs.

Peek-a-boo, I'll eat you (Source: Ridiculously Beautiful)

You care because this is what you imagine it would be like to do a girl doggy-style: she’d submit, get down on all fours, and look back at you patiently while you try to find the hole.

I care because because the way her eye lines up with her labia makes her look like a flesh eating monster with an extra eye in its throat just so that it can watch as it masticates whatever fleshy member is unfortunate enough to find its way into her “mouth” — and whose tonsils double as an eye-lid.

Via Ridiculously Beautiful.

This is close-up of two girls kissing. You care because you think that chick-on-chick action is something that you can get in on. I care because because the girl with the freckles looks like a girl-next-door who’s being seduced by a college roommate who convinced her to experiment with boundaries. thing going that takes me back to my freshman year. Ah, reminds me of my freshman year…

Source: Ridiculously Beautiful

Via Ridiculously Beautiful.

This is a photo of a naked girl holding her dress up over her to conceal her special parts.

Source: Ridiculously Beautiful

You care because seeing a naked girl in a nice apartment like that helps you imagine that you just went home with her and she’s about to show you what you need to see before finishing the fantasy and reaching over for the Kleenex box or a dirty sock on the floor next to your bed to clean up the mess.

I care because (1) the way the stylist has did her hair and how her right hip pokes out from behind her dress is a lot of what I imaging temptation would look like if someone managed to snap a picture of it, and (2) the set looks a lot like this apartment I used to live in that had some magical property where the girls who came home with me ended up acting pretty much in the same way this model is.

Via Ridiculously Beautiful.

This is a picture of a girl with blue eyes and freckles staring into the camera.

Source: Ridiculously Beautiful

You care because girls with freckles and pouty lips remind you of what it was like to crush on a girl before you hit puberty and every last thought about women had was guided by an intense desire to get naked and penetrate them.

I care because there’s something of an ennui in her expression that says “So are we going to try this or what?”

Via Ridiculously Beautiful.

This is a picture of a red headed girl next door tugging at the crotch of her panties.

Source: Biologically Beautiful

You care because this is the first time you’ve seen explore her body since that time that the two of you took a bath together when you were 4 years old, and you figure since she used be into showing you hers if you show her yours, you can talk her into a walk down memory lane for old times sake.

I care because, more often than not, the girl next door is accessible and naive and gullible if only because we grew up together and she trusts me, and is pretty much willing to hear me out on anything, especially on how, under my very close supervision, she can find her own way around down there a lot more efficiently.

Via Biologically Beautiful.

This is a picture of a topless nun smoking.

Source: Llywarch

You care because your time as a choir boy kind of fetishized the clergy for you, so seeing female member who’s topless, helps you play your fantasies out in your head, but with less of a chance of recalling those memories of Father O’Shamus that make you feel like a dirty, dirty little boy all over again.

I care because nuns spend a lot of time around other women, and one who smokes obviously has an oral fixation that no amount of Hail Mary’s has helped her get over, so I’m thinking that maybe I can help her explore the passion and obsession that the good Lord has endowed her with.

Via Llywarch.

This is a picture of a girl sitting across the table from a photographer drinking a milkshake.

Source: chasing a queen of wilderness

You care because it helps you imagine that you’re on a date with a beautiful woman and have an excuse to stare at every last thing she does with her lips. I care because and it helps me imagine I’m on a date with a beautiful woman who’s impatient to get out of here and do something more interesting.

Via chasing a queen of wilderness.