We are not your friend’s indie, hipster music blog. We’ll post music news, pics, and reviews from any genre because, sometimes, it’s just a lot more fun to dance to a new tune.

This is a Norah Jones and Willie Nelson doing the wintery pop-standard duet Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

You care because Norah’s voice helps you imagine what it’s like when a beautiful women looks for excuses to stay instead of leave. I care because I can learn a thing or two from Norah about how to play hard to get.

And here’s a video of Norah Jones doing a duet with Jimmy Kimmel called YouTube’s 12 Days of Christmas.

You care because seeing Jimmy Kimmel with Norah Jones makes you think that being a goof might actually increase your chances of becoming incredibly successful and hanign out with brilliant and gorgeous women. I care because at 3:01, she hints at taking off her shirt.

Merry Christmas!

Meet Agent Ribbons, and indie-rock duo from Austin Texas.

You care because watching a pair of indie-rock chicks make beautiful music together makes your mind jump to all kinds of other rock n’ roll scenarios, especially during close-ups of the lead singer’s pouty lips brushing against the microphone.

I care because, of course, anyone who believes that “the world is a cigarette” and that “we have to spill blood, too” (see/hear video below), would have red hair, pouty lips, and big, round eyes, and that makes me feel that if intelligent design really is behind the universe, it’s an intelligence that most certainly has not overlooked beauty and temptation.


If you woke up today with the inclination to treat yourself to a new auricular experience, give Dark Dark Dark a whirl.  I stumbled across them searching for something with a little flayvah’, to counterbalance the bland generic crap I find I’m constantly subjected to on the airwaves as of late.

There aren’t too many musical outfits out there these days that one could consider true artists, but with a piano, an accordion, a banjo and a cello, how could you go wrong?

True to their name Dark Dark Dark have crafted a sound defined by raw, intricate melodies that simultaneously warm you up within and send a cold chill down your spine. Their style is jazzy, layered and certainly original.

Fronted by Nona Marie Invie, whose impassioned indifference leaves you with a sense of fulfillment not felt since the first time you discovered Les Chocolats de Chloé, I can’t wait to see these guys live.

This is a cover of The Cure‘s song Just Like Heaven as performed by The Watson Twins. I discovered it as track 7 on the True Blood Soundtrack.

You care because you think twins are some anomaly that are exempt from laws of incest and are just waiting for an opportunity to overlook the fact that they’re sisters and play out some double-trouble scenario for you that’s been on loop in your head ever since the first follicle on your testes sprouted.

I care because when The Watson Twins sing that “you’re the only girl I love,” I want nothing more than to believe that they’re singing to me and to forget that there are no happy endings or meaning to life.

This is a music video from Atmosphere, a white rapper from Minneapolis.

You care because seeing a white guy pull off making a music video with two chicks getting it on makes you think that maybe you, too, are interesting enough to one day do something that’ll be worth the attention of groupies. You also care because the photography is just artsy enough that you can convince yourself that it’s safe to watch at work whenever you’re bored and need something to appease the creeping semi in your pants.

I care because the girl with the short hair reminds me of who I was 5 years ago, and the girl with the long hair reminds me of who I am today, and it’s so much easier to relate to something you can identify with.

Yesterday, Feministing slammed Lil’ Wayne’s new album for being sexist and clinically inaccurate:

Lil’ Wayne’s new album […] should be called “Women Aren’t Human Beings” instead of “I Am Not a Human Being.” His new song “Gonorrhea” captures how bad sexism in hip hop can really get […] vilifying an unknown opponent by likening him to a bitch, a word that has become a synonym for women for the umpteenth time.
This direct association with gonorrhea and pussies implies that only women contract and transmit this STI, even though the CDC reveals that for the eighth consecutive year, gonorrhea rates among men and women are similar. Thus, if Weezy’s project is to attack a male opponent by making a swipe at his metaphorical STI status, he doesn’t even need to bring women into the picture to get the point across.

You care because anytime one feminist goes overboard with with a parallel or reads too much into something, it reinforces your belief that women can’t reason as well as men, and feminists in particular should all be lumped together into one group and ignored like a bunch of deluded radicals who would’ve been better off learning how to cook instead of learning to read.

I care because I’ve reclaimed “bitch” like it was the n-bomb, see the world in terms of the 20/80 rule, put myself in the upper percentile, and need a versatile adjective to describe easy pickings, vidictive exes, and meat-heads who whine about how a woman’s place is in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, but can’t get even off the couch long enough to knock one up.

Some pics of Rihanna surfaced today. They’re from the shoot of the debut video from her new album.


You care because you find black girls intimidating until they dress up like candy stripers in Wonderland, and then you get to thinking that maybe, just maybe, you can work out your jungle fever and kiddy fetish all in one shot.

I care because, well, it’s RiRi, and seeing how those thick, smooth thighs run up to her perky booty makes me wish that Chris Brown had turned her off men permanently because then there’d at least be a remote chance of me answering the question of whether there’s a red carpet to match the curtains.

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