We like skinny jeans and vegan shoes, but only until wearing them makes us look too old and creepy to be hanging around college students. So check out the street fashion pics we post, follow our thoughts on fashion trends, and stay hot, one accessory at a time.

This is a picture of a dye-job ginger with too much make-up on bearing her breasts in some nondescript European location.

Source: Ridiculously Beautiful

You care because you thought that redhead gypsies with pouty lips who go topless in public only existed in your dreams, but now you have a renewed hope that the tooth fairy is real and that, if you get to work with a pair of pliers, one day a strange woman will sneak into your bedroom after hours, too.

I care because accessories are everything and the stylist for this shoot knew how to use them to direct my attention toward her cleavage, down her happy trail and straight to her treasure trove.

Via Ridiculously Beautiful.

This is a picture of a model wearing nothing but a fur jacket and some camel toe.

Source: Ridiculously Beautiful

You care because you think that beautiful women who intentionally do things that make them less attractive are really down to earth, have a great sense humor, and low enough self-esteem that they’d actually consider hooking up with you after a few drinks that they’d be too polite to turn down.

I care because there’s something a girl who wears one animal while simulating another with her crotch that makes me want to LARP it out like I have a bestiality foot-fetish.

Via Ridiculously Beautiful.

This is a picture of a young, thin girl lounging in some kind of designer arm chair.


You care because the perspective and the way she’s looking at the camera helps you imagine that your living room is decorated that tastefully, and she’s in it, waiting for you to come home and find her, sitting there with her legs in a way that doesn’t show too much but won’t let you forget that she is wearing a dress and needs to sit just so if she’s going to keep you from sneaking a peek..

I care because her dress and the cushion she’s sitting on, when contrasted against the armchair are a perfectly subtle color inversion of the vase of flowers on the end table to her right.

Via Nickel Cobalt via Llywarch

This is a picture of a young, cute, topless girl with a lot of tattoos.

Source: Ridiculously Beautiful

You care because you believe that cute girls with a lot of ink who pose topless have relatively low self-esteem and seek validation enough that you might be able to talk your way in there if you’re really nice to her half of the time and complete dick the other half of the time.

I care because girls who have low self-esteem and seek validation will take it wherever they can find it and can usually be talked into trying new things or even trying old things again on the hope that maybe this time will be better.

Via Ridiculously Beautiful.

This is a picture of a girl named Anna having lunch after her photo shoot with a photographer (who seems to be a woman).

Credit: francesca Janes

You care because she looks, confused and vulnerable and as though she’ll defer to just about any suggestion you might throw her way. I care because those big blue eyes and pouty lips makes her seem as though she’s very frank, and to the point, but in a calm way that’s more convincing than vulgar.

This is a picture of a girls dressed in a slutty, orange nun get-up standing in a high school corridor.

Source: Ridiculously Beautiful

You care because she’s a tall, skinny, young girl who’s dressed like a slutty nun, and that speaks to both your sense of nostalgia (for the days when wet dreams let you live out your fantasies) and libido in a way that’s kinda disorienting and makes you think you’re hearing voices.

I care because she’s wearing stiletto bowling shoes with what looks like a pair of Kinbaku knee highs, which is just enough good taste to offset the tacky orange nun get-up which makes me think that the stylist (if not the model) might actually be worth my time.

This is a fashion photo of a model sitting on some steps, wearing mixed patterns, and drinking coffee.

Source: The Trashed Fashion

You care because the look on her face and the Doc. Martens remind you of that bitchy chick you knew in high school that made you feel so good by treating you like such shit. I care because nine times out of ten, girls who wear mixed patterns and boots and don’t spend too much time on their hair are usually worth my attention, especially when they look that unimpressed with what I imagine she imagined would be the admiring gazes of so many men.

This is a picture of fashion model Dorothea Barth Jorgensen donning some items from the Flippa K spring 2011 collection.

Source: Fashion Rogue

You care because she looks like the girl next door but is perched on a stool, sitting like a dude, making you think that maybe she can be a bit of tramp, too, and since she’s supposed to  live right next door, you might have a chance of hitting something that’s a good 3-4 points out of your league. I care because that loose fitting knitted top looks like it’s good for tugging at, meaning that I’ll have the perfect, flirtatious opening when our paths cross.

Check out more of Dorothea in the Flippa K spring 2011 collection here.

This is a picture of an ambiguously androgynous pair that Samara and I met in a hipster bar the other night. The guy was wearing a woman’s cardigan and was into girls, and the girl was wearing, well, the skin of a lumber dyke but turned out to be into dudes. They weren’t a couple.

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You care because you like girls who look like boys but like boys because they offer a chance to openly be a 3 on the Kinsey scale but still kind of keep one foot in the closet. I care because now I have a new purpose in life, and that’s to track this Jackie down and see if I can get her to act out the part that she’s all dressed up for.

I’ve always had a (fr)enmity towards skateboarders… They’re loud, they’re obnoxious and they’re the emblem of a subcultural paradox. They get in your way, provoke you into high stakes games of chicken and always seem to be trying jumps and ollies that they can’t complete cause they can’t skate worth a kitten poop.

But there’s something about a chick on a board that just gets me going.

Sk8er Girl

Credit: fuckyeahboardgirls

All the right ingredients are in there. There’s the grace, poise and finesse they can maneuver with, like a finely tuned machine. There’s the defiance and badassicty they exude, that I just can’t resist.

And finally there’s the hint of social rebuff and sass, which makes me think maybe you’re just too cool for me.

Meet Reine Oliveira.

I want her!

You want her!

But how could you not want her? She’s got the style, she’s got the moves and she has an undertone of bitchiness that gives you action in the pants.

Oh Reine, I wonder if someday you’ll show me the rest of that tattoo…